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Prepare to change everything
you know about travel AND DESIGN

The Bureau was born out of a love of design and travel. And that's what we do. We are both a creative full-service travel agency and a design consultancy. We're as unique as our clients. We believe that travel should be enjoyable for its own sake, that design should be honest, intuitive and approachable, and that taking care of you doesn't end with a sale.


We invite you to get to know us.



The Office of Travel at the Bureau is a full-service travel agency which designs unique travel adventures and services for individuals, couples, corporate clients and families.


Tired of one-size-fits-all? Forget the internet and work with us one-on-one to create that once in a lifetime travel experience. Whether you are seeking a destination wedding,  

honeymoon, a unique travel itinerary to "live the life of your favorite artist" or have a group or company with unique travel needs?

We're here for you.

The Office of Design at the Bureau consults with clients about graphic identities, interactive, branding, environmental design, interiors and a host of other creative needs.

We have a special place in our hearts for travel-related businesses but are proud to work with clients in many fields. So get in touch and learn more about us — we're friendly!  




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